Keep in Mind

    • Call us or apply online

      start a pre qualification process

      Start the pre-qualification process for your home loan by filling out an application. Even if you don’t qualify, we can explore alternative ways to make it happen. We’ll be your guide in every step of the process.
    • Get Pre-Approved

      Pre-Qualified vs. Pre-Approved—What’s the difference?

      Many of the online mortgage sites give inaccurate or incomplete pre-qualifications. (You need to talk to an advisor who has the experience to give you an accurate strategy.)

      Pre-Qualified means your credit score and financial records are in good standing.

      Once we’ve reviewed your financials, you can become Pre-Approved.

      Together, we’ll make sure everything is in order so you can buy your house with confidence.

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    • Shop For Houses

      Find a Home You Love & Make an Offer

      Find a house in a better neighborhood, with better schools, so your family can live a better life.

      Build a foundation where you and your family can thrive.

    • Go Under Contract

      You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

      We’ll listen to your goals and design a plan for success.The appraisal and title search will both be handled by our team. We can also help you with the home inspection.
      Our team will always be ready to take your call and answer any questions.

    • Sign Loan Documents

      Prepare to Buy Your Home

      We’ll help you figure out what’s an affordable down payment. You don’t always need to put down 20%.

      All disclosures will be provided and we’ll submit it to the underwriter on your behalf.
      I’ll be the attorney who states your case to the judge and jury (the underwriter).

      We’ll put in the address, lock in the rate and hand it off to the loan processing team.
      Get ready for something wonderful to happen.

    • Loan Processing

      Loan Submitted for Final Approval

      Your info will be submitted for final approval to the underwriter.
      They may ask for additional information or give you approval with possible conditions.

      More documentation may be necessary, but there’s never a need to worry. Our team will deliver weekly updates to keep you informed.

      We’ll work hard to make sure you close on time and with no surprises.

    • Closing Time!

      Move into a Home You Love

      Congratulations! You’re a homeowner! It’s time to get the keys and move into your new home.

      You should be proud of yourself for this accomplishment.

      Did somebody say…Housewarming Pizza Party?

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